Animation studio Shilo's fully CG viral video message expressing support for the people of Burma has won the Gold Statue for Television/Cinema Animation at the London International Awards.

The accolade comes shortly after the project won a Silver Shark for Best International Animation at the 46th Annual Kinsale Shark Awards.

The video, which was commissioned by MTV, Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam and The Burma Arts Council, is an ambitious, fully animated piece, conceived by Ogilvy & Mather's Carl Le Blond. It depicts warplanes taking off from locations around the world and flying to Burma to 'bomb' the country with flowers.

The film was originally created to raise awareness of the peaceful struggle of the Burmese people against their oppressive military government and its many human rights violations. However, the agency immediately altered the spot after Cyclone Nargus hit, causing devastation across the country.

At the time of its release, Shilo's co-founder, creative director and director André Stringer said:. “The people of Burma are oppressed: they are not free to express themselves. Speaking on behalf of a group of individuals who make art everyday for our livelihoods, we value personal expression as the highest of all our freedoms. So when Carl [LeBlond] contacted us, shared his script and asked if we wanted to direct it, we jumped at the chance. We immediately realized that this project could help to make a difference for a nation of more than 55 million people being denied the rights we take for granted – and that it would be the most important piece of work we’ve ever created.”

For more information visit the Shilo Web site.