Creative agency Shilo joined forces with MTV, Ogilvy Amsterdam and the Burma Arts Board to create a fantastic viral public service announcement (PSA).

The film was originally created to raise awareness of the peaceful struggle of the Burmese people against their oppressive miliatary government and its many human rights violations. However, the agency immediately altered the spot after Cyclone Nargus hit, causing devastation across the country.

"When presented with the opportunity to do this film, we knew immediately it was a project we wanted to get involved in," says the company in an email. "Realizing the extent to which the people of Burma are oppressed and not free to express themselves was great motivation for us. As a group of individuals who make art for our livelihood, we at Shilo value personal expression as the highest of our freedoms. Helping create this film allows us to invite people around the globe to have a conversation about this issue and hopefully inspires them to make a positive difference to the people of Burma.

"In the last few days, the initial point behind the film has become even more relevant as we witness the military regime in Burma block humanitarian aid to people in desperate need of help. We hope this film will motivate people to donate to the current crisis and also to put pressure on the current regime to change things for the better for these peace loving people."

Shilo has posted an entry to its Wemakeitgood blog including the film, a behind-the-scenes documentary and a video showing the film on display in Times Square.