Apple has introduced Shake 3.5, a new version of its compositing and special effects tool for cinema and video, at NAB in Vegas. The new version of Shake features new shape-based morphing and warping capabilities that rely on spline tools, improves Rendezvous networking and more. It's available now as a paid upgrade for Shake 3 users.

Shake 3.5's Shake Qmaster network render manager has been improved in this version; the Rendezvous-enabled system can handle distributed rendering tasks for both Shake and Alias' Maya 3D rendering and animation software. Support for 16-bit RGB and 10-bit YUV QuickTime formats has been added also.

Shake 3.5 also allows users to choose which operations process at 8-, 16- or 32-bit floating color bit depths to help speed performance and maintain high dynamic range. Photo Primatte and CFC Keylight keyers have also been included.

Available for Mac OS X, Linux and Irix, Shake costs £1,785 plus VAT for Mac OS X (with unlimited render licenses) or £2,890 plus VAT for Linux and Irix (with annual maintenance fees of £850 plys VAT). Registered Shake 3 users can upgrade for £470 plus VAT.