Corel has unveiled the latest version of its vector art tools collection, which provides designers with capabilities for vector animation, page layout, Web publishing, bitmap editing and Web animation in one suite. Included in CorelDraw 10 Graphics Suite are new versions of CorelDraw and Photo-Paint, as well as a new Web graphics application called Corel RAVE (Real Animated Vector Effects). Corel Rave allows users to create Web animations in Macromedia Flash SWF format, and offers full control for tweening live effects over time, generating a timeline of edited graphics, and the creation of animated rollovers. The suite as a whole features a customizable user interface, a new colour management interface, In-RIP trapping and In-RIP separations options, and the ability to set presets for hundreds of effects and features across the all applications in the suite. Key new features specific to CorelDraw 10 include a real-time preview; new Web graphics creation and optimization tools; the ability to handle multilingual documents with automatic multilingual spell-checking; support for AutoCAD 2000, Microsoft Visio 5, Macromedia Freehand 8 file import; and preflighting capabilities for printing, PDF, Web, SVG and Macromedia Flash (SWF) Photo-Paint 10 – Corel’s photo-editing and image composition application – has seen existing text tools significantly enhanced for easier text creation and control; faster display zooming and cropping, improved masking capabilities and a new Instant Apply feature, which reduces the number of steps needed to complete tasks. "CorelDraw 10 Graphics Suite is far and away our biggest upgrade ever," said Ian LeGrow, vice-president, creative products at Corel. "We are launching our new Creative Product line, which will bring cutting-edge power and creativity to all our users. Across the board, users will see changes ranging from a dramatic new look for our box to support for advanced emerging technologies such as SVG and PDF/X. We have made certain that professional designers have all the tools they need to work creatively and efficiently. CorelDraw 10 is creative software for creative minds" CorelDraw 10 Graphics Suite for Windows ship in November and will cost around £400 for the full version and around £150 for the upgrade. Corel also launched an update to to Bryce, its terrain-generation and animation software. Bryce 4.1 is available for free download from The update has new features that give a taste of what's to come in Bryce 5, scheduled for release early next year. Enhancements include the following new mapping modes: Sinusoidal, World Front, World Side, World Cubic and Object Cubic, and a new feature – the Custom Starfield Map – has beed added, which allows for the more realistic represention of the stars visible from earth. In addition, game developers will benefit from the new Microsoft X (DirectX 3D) file import and export support.