Black Poem is short film created for the Konzerthaus Dortmund, the main classical music venue in the German city, by agency Sehsucht.

The film is the second piece that Sehsucht has created for the venue, after last year's Symphony in Red film. That film features animated liquids, and for Black Poem the agency wanted to keep the same dynamic and organic feel but take it in a new direction -- so the core idea of dancing fire was conceived.

The team at Sehsucht describes the piece as having the "approach of interpreting the musical piece with pictures. Like in the first spot, the names of the appearing artists were 'built' and filmed – to build a bridge between the two films even in the mechanics of the realization."

While the names in Symphony in Red were printed on foil and then wiped off, in Black Poem they were constructed from wood and burnt down. In addition, shots of flames were used as a base for the design 'language' of the piece.

"It turned out that one of the most challenging parts was to keep up with the rapid development of the dramaturgy in the music," says the company. "Unlike the liquids fire doesn’t offer this immense range of variation in it’s appearance. We were forced to be more concrete without – and that was the second great challenge – taking away the space for imagination within the harmony of picture and sound."

Fiery lifeforms were created in Cinema 4D, which were composited with the burning typography in After Effects.

The spot can be watched on the Sehsucht Web site.