Exhibition at Central Saint Martins by Vaughan Oliver, Jonathan Barnbrook, Ian Anderson, Neville Brody, Angus Hyland, David Pearson and more.

Kicking off tonight at the Lethavy Gallery in Central Saint Martins new home in King's Cross, London, is an exhibition of work respresenting reactions to the London 2012 Olympic Games by some of the UK's leading graphic designers and creative firms.

FIT – Marina Willer and Ian Osborne

Vaughn Oliver and Johnathan Barnbrook asked fellow designers to create posters that positively represent the Olympic Games' message. Those who responded included Ian Anderson, Phil Baines, Bibliotheque, Neville Brody, Catherine Dixon, Fuel, Graphic Thought Facility, Angus Hyland, Alan Kitching, Jeremy Leslie, Domenic Lippa, Morag Myerscough, Phil Neville, David Pearson, Michael C Place, Jake Tilson, Tomato, Why Not Associates, Matt Willey, Marina Willer, Graham Wood and Michael Worthington.

“We want to highlight the UK's depth of talent to show the important role graphic design can play in crystallising the spirit of this kind of globally observed event in visual terms,” said Jonathan Barnbrook.

“Our hugely talented graphic design community couldn?t resist the opportunity to collaborate on this exciting project that shows why UK designers are respected and sought after worldwide,” boasted Vaughan Oliver.

From the posters we've seen, we're not convinced the posters are completely in line with what LOCOG would consider to be positive representations of the games – but then there's quite enough simple over-enthusiasm across most of the official London 2012 branding and its sponsors messages. What's more disappointing is that many of these posters are exactly the mental image that you conceive when you think of 'designer x does a poster about the Olympics'. Many see their creators retreading the styles they're best known for, with Vaughan Oliver laying his 4AD record sleeve stylings over one of Si Scott's animal illustrations and Tomato's cheeky wordplay about Olympic cyclist/men's mag 'babe' Victoria Pendleton using the kind of type you'd have seen from them a decade ago.

Fit will be at the Lethaby Gallery until July 9. Here's a preview of the work on show.

Horse 23 – Vaughan Oliver and Si Scott

Velodrome – Jonathan Barnbrook

Olympian Origins, Victoria Pendleton – Tomato

Closed Until Further Notice – Jake Tilson

Onomatopoeialympics – Michael Worthington