3D Studio Max plug-in developer/reseller Digimation has released two new products: Seascape 1.2 and Light Galleries. Seascape 1.2 is a deep-sea simulation system based on a fluid dynamics system developed for the US Navy. It allows animators to create realistic and procedurally generated wave and ocean motion – as well as water droplets and wake/turbulence effects. It’s built as a series of specialized space warps and a mesh type that work directly within the Max interface – and includes both a full set of presets and a large set of manual controls. Light Galleries uses complex algorithms to work out how to light scenes for you. It randomly places lights within your parameters and creates a series of ‘candidate’ thumbnails. The plug-in chooses the best of these and offers them to you to make the final choice. Seascape 1.2 costs $395, while Light Galleries costs $99. Both are available from the Digimation Web site.