Avid has released a new software development kit (SDK) for Alienbrain Studio 7, which allows content creators to integrate Alienbrain Studio 7 functionality into any Windows-based application, available free to users of Alienbrain Studio 7.

Alienbrain is a digital asset management tool which Avid recently bought from NXN. The Alienbrain system already integrates with other content creation and administrative, including RenderWare, Photoshop, Softimage|XSI, 3ds max, Maya, Motionbuilder, and Microsoft applications such as Visual Studio, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer. Using the new SDK Avid hopes that content creators will integrate Alienbrain Studio into any other applications they may use, including bespoke Windows-based applications.

The SDK makes the core functionality including file access, version control, and workflow features available to other applications. It includes support for references between files, enabling artists to find and work with models and all of their associated textures and shaders.