Sonic Solutions has released Scenarist BD Edition 4.3 – an upgrade to its high-definition authoring system that it says makes the creation of Blu-ray Disc (BD) titles with advanced interactive content significantly more accessible and straightforward.

Scenarist BD Edition includes new networked multiplexing capabilities, streamlined asset management capabilities, and the industry-standard still-image encoder for the highest-possible quality menus and HD slide shows.

Featuring the world’s first graphical user interface (GUI) for creating BD-Java, Scenarist BD Edition 4.3 allows professional authors to create compelling interactivity and menu navigation without knowing the rigors of BD-J programming. Combining an efficient drag-and-drop user model with the ability to gain access to the deepest levels of Java programming, Scenarist BD Edition 4.3 provides users with the simplicity they need for base-line capabilities as well as the fine-tune control required for developing advanced interactive titles.

Scenarist BD Edition 4.3 is also available as part of Scenarist High-Definition Workgroup which includes Scenarist HD DVD Edition; CineVision for high definition video compression; and Scenarist Designer – a menu creation facility for both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.