It may look like a piece of iMac-inspired consumer electronica but the SprintScan 120 is actually the latest medium-format digital film scanner from Polaroid. It is also the first such scanner from the company to offer scans at 4,000dpi. The SprintScan 120 can scan a wide range of formats including 6-x-9, 6-x-7 and 6-x-4.5 negatives, 35mm slides and both negative and positive strips. It is based around a single-pass 30,000 pixel CCD which optically scans at 4000-x-4000dpi. It offers 14-bit A/D per channel, 8-bit and 16-bit output to host, 48-bit data output to host and a dynamic range of 4.2 DMax. Polaroid states that the scanner can capture a 6-x-6cm scan at 4000dpi in under two minutes. It communicates with Mac OS and Windows PCs using either SCSI-2 or IEEE 1394 (FireWire). Three software packages are bundled with the scanner, allowing users to work in enivonments that suit them and/or they are used to. First is Polaroid’s own PolaColor Insight Pro, a powerful digital imaging program with automatic dust removal. It can also detect fine scratches and remove them using interpolation. According to Polaroid it’s designed to be powerful enough for experienced users but easy enough to use for novice users. The scanner also ships with Binuscan Photoperfect for Polaroid, an automatic colour correction and separation package. Based upon Binuscan’s renowned RECO technology, it is designed to save time by automatically correcting image colour, sharpening images and converting RGB to CMYK. LaserSoft’s SilverFast Ai finishes off the bundle, including a Photoshop plug-in (although TWAIN is also supported). The SprintScan 120 costs £2,650 plus VAT and will ship in February.