Minolta has announced what it claims is the first dedicated 35mm/APS film scanner to be compatible with USB. The Dimâge Scan Dual II has a 10.8 million pixel resolution, so 2820dpi scans are possible with 12-bit A/D conversion. The USB port allows the scanner to connect to computers with a minimum of hassle, as both plug ‘n play and hot swapping are possible. The scanner can work with up to six sleeved frames and four mounted frames of 35mm film continously. Alternatively, APS (Advanced Photo System) film cassettes with up to 40 frames can be scanned using the optional APS adapter. Also included in the scanner’s feature set is auto image correction, precision autofocus on particular part of images, multi-sample scanning and software that’s designed to be easy to use for all. The scanner is available now for Windows 98 and 2000. Mac drivers will become available in September. It costs £449.99 including VAT.