Saul Bass-illustrated 1962 children's book republished

Originally published in 1962, the only children's book illustrated by film poster and title sequence design Saul Bass, Henri's Walk to Paris, has been re-released this month by Rizzoli.

Written by Leonore Klein, Henri’s Walk to Paris is the story of a young boy who lives in a tiny French town in a snug little house with loving parents, flowers in the window, and a pot of good soup bubbling on the stove. Nevertheless, Henri dreams of going to Paris, and one day, Henri packs a lunch and heads for the city.

Along the way, Henri stops to rest and falls asleep under a tree, and when he wakes up and continues on his trek, the story takes a classic 'there’s no place like home' path.

The book features Saul Bass’s signature bold colour and glorious use of type and design stripped to their pure essentials. It can be picked up on Amazon here.

Interest in Bass' work was reinvigorated last year with the publication of a monograph, Saul Bass: A Life in Flim & Design, curated by his daughter Jennifer and Pat Kirkham.

Here are some of its wonderfully bright and engaging pages and spreads.

Henri’s Walk to Paris illustrations © 1962, 2012 by Saul Bass and text by Leonore Klein, Universe Publishing, 2012.

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