Sarah Lanarch, Shelly Love and Finish create magic for Ladyhawke

The promo for Ladyhawke's new single Magic takes us on an epic journey through a visually striking and stylised world. The music video was directed by Crossroads’ Shelly Love, posted by Finish and features the artwork of Ladyhawke's artist Sarah Lanach.

Watch Ladyhawke's Magic promo here.

In the promo our heroine peers through the swirling mists to consult her crystal ball, before journeying through creepy baroque forests and skimming the waves on a magic carpet ride, in search of a her pirate lover. Larnach, who creates all of Ladyhawke’s artwork designed the miniature backgrounds to the video, some of which were hand drawn and painted on set. Finish’s Flame artist Byron Wooffindin, who attended the shoot, ensured that all elements needed for the online were captured and scanned prior to the post starting.

Wooffindin says that “it was great to work on something highly creative and I really enjoyed working closely with the director Shelly. It was one of those projects I could really sink my teeth into.’’

As all the backgrounds were to be made up and composited by Finish using Larnach’s artwork, all of the live action was shot against green screen with tracking markers for relevant shots. Using Flame to composite, Wooffindin also animated elements such as bats and clouds, added atmosphere and created a filmic look, bringing this magically enchanting music video to life.


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