Users of portable electronic devices such as digital still cameras will soon be able to store and carry more information with them as the next generation of SmartMedia cards hits the market. Samsung Electronics has announced that it plans to shortly begin manufacturing a new SmartMedia memory card capable of storing up to 128MB. Earlier Toshiba announced similar plans. The new cards will make it for digital still camera users to take 560 high-resolution (1,200 by 1,024 pixels) images before getting a "card full" message. Inside, the two new cards are slightly different. Samsung's version features four 256Mbit memory chips laid alongside each other whereas Toshiba's planned card will contain two of the company's newly-developed 512Mbit memory chips. The latter are more advanced, produced using a 0.16 micron production process against Samsung's 0.18 micron process but the end result is the same - 128MB of storage space on a card the size of a postage stamp.