Samsung Electronics says it has developed a 40-inch (100cm) diagonal-width liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. The new display, which Samsung says is the first 40-inch LCD to be developed, has a resolution of 1,280-x-768 pixels – equivalent to XGA resolution. This is higher than normal television and means the display is suitable for computer use or high-definition television, the latter an area where Samsung hopes to promote the display. The company began working on designing the display 10 months ago, it said in a statement. It is widescreen, although at 15:9 differs from the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Its physical measurements are 98.1-x-63.0cm and it weighs 12kg, the company said in a statement. Other technical specifications include a 170-degree viewing angle, response time of 12 milliseconds, ability to display 16.7 million colours, contrast ratio of 600:1 and a brightness of 500 candela per square meter. Power consumption is given at 180 watts. Samsung Electronics,