Samsung said Wednesday it has begun sample production of its fastest DDR (double data rate) SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory) chip to date. The new chip can operate at speeds of up to 300MHz and has a capacity of 128M bits. Available in a 4M-bit by 32 configuration, the chip has a a data transfer speed of 600Mbps (bits per second) and total operating speed of 2.4G bps, said Samsung. The company announced the development of the 300MHz DDR chip in May this year although at the time said it would have a capacity of 64M bits when it reached mass production, which is still scheduled for later this year. DDR memory can transfer data at twice the speed of conventional SDRAM chips and is currently fighting with a proprietary memory interface technology developed by Rambus called RDRAM, for dominance in the computer memory market. Because high data transfer speeds are the key feature of both technologies, each is being targeted at the high-performance graphics and video markets in addition to high-end personal computers and workstations. Samsung said it held a 50 per cent share of the world DDR SDRAM market in the first half of this year.