Saddington & Baynes has worked with Leo Burnett to complete CGI and retouching for Shelter’s new thought-provoking campaign, The House of Cards.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness of the fragility of the UK housing situation, which sees millions of people being pushed to breaking point by high housing costs - trapping people in bad housing and causing homelessness.

The poster campaign consists of three emotive images that depict the different types of housing in the UK and reveals a ‘House of Cards' in the landscape. Saddington & Baynes brought the images to life using a combination of CGI and creative retouching. The house of cards was created using Maya while the atmospherics, such as the dim street lighting, darkened skies and rain, were achieved using Photoshop.

"This is a great campaign to be part of and we received some superb photography from Blinkk," said Chris Christodoulou, director at Saddington & Baynes. "To create the images, we blended together Blinkk’s supplied background images in Photoshop. CGI was the perfect model-making solution for the house of cards because it gave us the flexibility to position and stack the individual cards in a very natural way to represent a real house or block of flats. We also scanned in real cards for authenticity of textures and creases."

The print campaign went live on February 9 and will appear across all major London Underground stations, DLR stations and Westfield shopping centre. The campaign also includes a 60-second TV commercial featuring a soundtrack by Radiohead and voice-over by Samantha Morton, as well as direct mail and online.