Saddington & Baynes has recently created a series of new print images for Red Bull Racing. The adverts feature Red Bull’s new F1 racing car and their drivers in a virtual factory production line.

Having been commissioned by North Star Publishing and provided with shots of the car and drivers by photographer Rick Guest and existing production lines to use as references, Saddington & Baynes came up with its own creative concepts for how the production line background should look. The background was created entirely in CG using Maya and involved building layers of intricate piping and props for the racing car to be positioned on and viewed at 360-degree angles.

“With such detailing in the sets and various angles required we knew that, given the tight time line, the only way round this was to use CGI,” said Chris Christodoulou, director and partner at Saddington & Baynes

“There were logistical problems with shooting at the desired location, and getting permission would have taken too long. Faced with a tight deadline of just three weeks, using CGI meant we were able to turn the project around more quickly because the design, prop construction, lighting and camera matching could all be done virtually using Maya.”

Once the virtual production line was completed, Saddington & Baynes composited the car and drivers into the virtual set using Photoshop. The images were then retouched and colour graded. The final shots represent Red Bull’s vision of creating vibrant launch images with the car in the starring role.