Rushes 3D department, under the lead of 3D supervisor Mark Williams, have just created a quirky 30 second commercial for Italy’s leading imported beer brand Ceres.

Using the brilliant designs of illustrator Alessandro Macchiavello to create the band members - Gennaro (bass), Pino (lead/guitar), Angus (guitar) and Blink (drums), Rushes animated and composited 3D heads over the live action bodies of the band, who in true rock’n’roll style, enjoy a cold Ceres or two as they perform to their fans. It’s a lively, off-the wall piece with some very sophisticated animation.

Williams comments, "The whole team worked wonders to create this advert in such a short amount of time. The client was great, as they trusted our judgment at every stage of the production and responded quickly with feedback and a signed off edit."

"Illustrator Alessandro Macchiavello’s designs were really strong, as they clearly defined the band members' distinct personalities. This was fantastic for us as it meant that we could immediately understand what the client wanted from each character and get the mood of each shot right first time."

"The big worry with translating the 2D designs into a 3D world was the mouths. They needed to be able to animate from their signature wide-open shapes into tight ‘ooo' shapes, as in "Kung Fooooooo". We used a new rigging technique to give us a simple level of control over the characters' mouths yet still allowed us to achieve the vastly different shapes and maintain the volume of the lips."