This amusing 30 second spot for Quietstorm certainly gave Rushes something to get their teeth into!

As our hero tucks into a packet of Roast Chicken Fridge Raiders, the effect is astonishing. He gradually transforms into a werewolf and, to his initial horror, fangs appear, along with facial hair, which grows longer and longer the more Fridge Raiders he eats!

He becomes quite taken with his appearance until he realises his girlfriend has returned home and tries to hide … but she’s obviously a girl who likes her man to be a bit of an animal!

A great performance from the lead character adds sparkle.

Teen Wolf required the transformation process to be as seamless as possible. This was achieved through subtle enhancement of the prosthetics together with hair and facial adjustments.

Rushes’ colourist Adrian Seery graded the piece which was finished in Flame by VFX artist Adam Watson.