Rushes completed post on a 90-second film for Portuguese energy provider Galp, which features the Portuguese National football team as they travel across the landscape of Europe on their way to the finals of Euro 2008.

In the Galp 'Autocarro' commercial, Rushes worked on several crowd replication shots, some with scenic enhancements and general clean up. Before shooting began we discussed the specifics of how to film the different passes & plates of shots that would need work in post. Ministerio Dos Filmes provided footage with which to create the 90- and 30-second spots.

In one particular shot, hundreds of people appear to push a bus through a dramatic mountainous landscape. The bus is in the distance on a winding road as the continuous line of people snake through the landscape. We see the crowd all the way from the distance to very close to frame, giving the viewer a chance to see reaction and body language within the crowd.

This shot was made up of six crowd plates and four background plates that built-up the landscape. In some of these plates we used green-screen to give us detailed mattes and help us to build a seamless composite. In other shots we changed lighting and skies to help the edit run more fluidly.

Rushes’ Colourist Simone Grattarola comments, "Although there was a language barrier, Ze Pedro and myself found common ground with music. We had the sounds of Elbow, Maps, the Cold War Kids, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan (who made it onto the soundtrack!) fuelling our session!"

The journey takes the Portuguese team to the Euro 2008 finals in Austria via Spain and France with the team bus being pushed by an ever increasing group of fans. Each country carried a slightly different feel. Simone used the Spirit and the Da Vinci 2K to help achieve a beautifully stylised vista of Europe.

Simone adds, "The original cut was a 60-second and when Ze Pedro took it back to the clients they decided they wanted to extend the film to a 90."