Wanted’s Antony Easton directed the latest series of Direct Line commercials which pose the question of when is a good deal not a good deal and then provides a series of visual conundrums that people often find themselves in and ultimately by making the right choices come up smiling.

Rushes worked with director Anthony Easton and Agency M&C Saatchi to create a photorealistic wasp in close up for the Wasp commercial, which follows a man and his family being annoyed by an aggressive wasp. The time scale of the production was less than a week from being supplied an off-line to completion of commercial and playout on air.

Rushes’ animators Graham Cristie and Seb Barker created a great piece of animation in a very tight deadline with Flame compositor Adam Watson compositing a series of commercials in similarly speedy and seamless fashion.

Jonathan Privett, Head of 3D at Rushes comments "Graham and Seb did a fabulous job in a very compressed schedule. The wasp withstands really close scrutiny. Our use of Pixar's Renderman for shading adds that final level of polish not possible in Maya's built in rendering. The commercials benefit from a smart and simple idea, great direction and a slick look.”