Homeland is comprised of one continuous shot flowing through nine vignettes that fold into the Financial Times. Each scene has a knock-on effect to the following scene and illustrates the global ramifications of Finance in our world today. Using a stylised approach, Blac Ionica (directing trio Chris Strong, Tim Wetherall and Jon Evans) have combined live action, stock footage, CG and still photography to create this multi-disciplinary piece.

To create the unique world for the characters to sit in, the live action was shot against green screen and composited against bespoke environments that were created using a combination of techniques utilising photography and CG. Creating the backgrounds in CG allowed them to create the seamless transitions using a virtual camera roaming between each of the scenes. The end effect is a stylish and dynamic roam through hyper-real slices of life.

Blac Ionica add, “Homeland was a great opportunity for us to create a world were we could treat each character independently, reflecting their individual stories in their environments and to underpin each scene with its own mood and personality.”