London post house Rushes has recently completed work on a promo for flamboyant popstar Mika, which will hit TV screens next week.

The ambitious Happy Ending is a good example of Mika's unique brand of poperatics, combining the singer's education in classical music with his love for pop, opera and musical tunes. The song shows off Mika's flawless falsetto. He penned the ballad last year in his basement then recorded it in London and LA with a gospel choir backing.

The single will be released on CD and 7-inch on October 15th and will be available to download one week before that on October 8th.

Rushes Producer Josh King added, "Due to the complexity of the shoot with big camera moves and large moves with Mika on wires we attended the shoot. There was also the addition of many green screen elements and some elements being shot on black to go back on a black background. There was a lot to accomplish on the day of the shoot so Rushes’s motion control was also used later on to gain some extra green screen elements not shot on the day.

"Time was also spent in roto and keying of the many, many elements, including Mika himself. Both Smoke & Flame were used for the roto and comp work.

"Time was spent on the look of the transition from the bedroom wall to above the city and then into space. Hands float in space giving Mika lift until he is free and floating in the weightless environment. Mouths of toys were animated and a 3D globe was built. Time was also spent finessing the video and adding extra elements such as comets and flares, giving it the glossy feel.

"It was a joy to work in such a creative environment with a well structured post route allowing us to deliver a video with plenty of effects work."