Soho-based post house Rushes is expanding its 3D and Film&TV departtments with both core staff and kit.

The arrival of 2D composite supervisor Gavin Digby from MPC has strengthened the company's Film&TV department. Gavin has a wealth of experience in high end feature films having worked on Poseidon, Kingdom of Heaven, Sunshine, Harry Potter and Troy.

"Gavin is a fantastic compositor and will be able to take us a step further in our quest to provide world class VFX," says Louise Hussey, Film and TV producer.

Paul Gregory has joined as Lead Systems architect after 15 years in software development at Incentive Software/Superscape.

Paul initially developed and now leads the Open Source RenderMan renderer project Aqsis and is co-author of the book Production Rendering: Design and Implementation. He will be working alongside Rushes 3D artists; implementing systems and creating code to solve complex problems that are outside the realm of off the shelf products.

Jonathan Privett, Head of 3D says, “This is the next step for Rushes. We want to enable our clients and artists to be less encumbered by the constraints of standard products. Developing custom solutions is the only way to free ourselves to concentrate on creativity and not process.”

Opening VFX10 as Rushes new multi-operation suite has given additional capacity to all the creative departments. The eight new Linux, Dual, dual-core machines can be used for both Maya and Combustion giving the flexibility to cope with fluctuating workloads between animation and compositing.