Boyzone are back with this stylish promo for the new single Love You Anyway, a fabulous, Technicolor extravaganza from director JT at his new home, Pulse Films. The video can be watched here.

JT manages to capture a sophisticated, ‘grown-up’ Boyzone in the promo, shot at Pinewood Studios on a fabulous New York street scene set oozing glamour, sharp suits, beautiful girls, choreography and a cast of Hollywood-esque extras.

Rushes’ colourist Simone Grattarola added a sophisticated grade and Emir Hasham completed VFX on this come-back masterpiece for the ‘Boyz’.

"I wanted to create a bit of an event for the boys comeback video," says JT, "and the label and band wanted a big musical feel so I new it had to feel big! I heard of a street backlot set up in the woods at the back of Pinewood that became available. It was a 200 yard long street set that doubles for London and NYC and was recently used on The Bank Job and The Mummy so looked 'money' from pretty much every angle!”

"I wanted to re-introduce each member of the band; see what they all look like again and have them kinda meeting up, to get a real sense of reunion. I also wanted to give the promo a classic 50's style look, a bit Catch Me If You Can style - hot, key lighting, retro art department that transformed the place from London to NY from Mr. Ansell and August's lighting added the slick, key lit feel I was after. Simone at Rushes gave it the finished 'classic' and sophisticated grade."

"The idea was simple but involved steadily revealing 'the street' to become a musical set/back lot as the video develops. We introduced dancers in each scene to up the anti and add some glamour and energy. Inevitably, the whole street turns into a full scale musical number complete with 10 female dancers, 20 extras, cars, trucks, smoke and rain, etc.

"The band were really great to work with and seemed to be loving the whole atmosphere of the shoot and being back together again. All in all I think it shows in the energy and spirit of the finished video."