Serious Pictures director and DOP John Pardue completed this latest instalment, the third in a series of recent commercials also posted at Rushes, for Hyundai Motor Europe. The pan-European campaign highlights their new car range and in this commercial the spotlight is on the i30 model.

Utilising the ‘giant’ imagery established in the previous commercials where large unexpected objects are juxtaposed within the environment to underline the emotional attachment we make with our cars, this commercial switches the emotional focus to value for money.

The i30 approaches a roundabout where a large, modern architectural glass sculpture of a Euro sign dominates. Driving shots are juxtaposed against and refracted through the Euro sign which was created by Rushes’ Craig Travis using Maya and Renderman, with VFX Artist Matt Jackson carrying out clean up and compositing to the Euro on all driving shots.

The commercial, produced by Deirdre Allen and Paul McNally at Serious Pictures, airs across European Union countries from the beginning of May 2009 and Rushes are currently working on a UK version of the ad.