The latest project from post house Rushes is work on a stylised commercial introduces Bold 2in1’s new ‘Infusions’ collection: ‘Amethyst Rose’, ‘Ruby Jasmine’ and ‘White Diamond and Lotus Flower’. The objective of the creative was to communicate that the luxurious fragrances of this new range would really indulge the consumer’s senses.

This sumptuous piece from director Howard Greenhalgh has a delicate feel yet oozes the glamour and gloss of a high-end perfume commercial as jewels and petals float from the folds of a dancer’s silk dress.

Rushes’ Matt Jackson describes the process, "All of the backgrounds were shot on 16mm at high speed. Tracking markers were placed in the scene to allow us to extract the camera data, these were then removed in Flame. The jewels and petals were generated using Maya’s particle system, with a proxy dress animated to match the movement of real fabric.

"These were then rendered in various passes and composited in Flame. We added a lot of light effects to really enhance the reflective jewel-like quality, glints and flares, glows etc. We used Sapphire sparks, Knoll lens flares and real lens reflection / refractions."

Lars Holmgren led the 3D team to ensure quality control, stepping in as 'hands-on' lead for the particle dynamics, hero elements animation and 3D (dynamics, lighting, shaders and animation). Intensive dynamics R&D was necessary to make sure the 'particle solve' would follow the actress/dancer's natural body dynamics ensuring a stunning final effect.

Matt Jackson concludes, "The overall piece is very pleasing and pretty and it was great to have the freedom to really add bespoke touches to each shot. With a super tight deadline, we were all really pleased with how much we achieved in the time."