Recently-reformed 'boyband' Take That has written and recorded a soaring new song entitled Rule The World for the latest epic big screen production from acclaimed film director Matthew Vaughn for Paramount Pictures Stardust. The song will be made available for download on October 21st and released physically the following Monday.

Rushes has completed the post production on the video.

This will be the first time the band have written and recorded a song specifically for a film. Grammy Award-winning producer John Shanks (who also produced the band’s current album Beautiful World) worked on the musical arrangement for the track which was recorded with the band at Abbey Road Studios which is also where they shot the video. The video and the recording of the track also features the Millennia Ensemble, an 18 piece string ensemble.

Stardust is based on the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, Sienna Miller, Ricky Gervais, Claire Danes, Sir Ian McKellen and Rupert Everett -- will be in UK cinemas from October 19th.

The video can be watched on YouTube here.