Matrox has announced that version 2.0 of its Matrox Video Tools, the software that allows Adobe Premiere to talk to its RT2000 video capture card, has been renamed the RT2000 Mega Pack. The renaming coincides with the release of the beta release of the software, which can be downloaded from the Matrox Web site. The full version will be made available free for the Web site, or on CD for a nominal fee, although a date for this has not yet been announced. When RT2000 version 2.0 was announced in April it was expected that the finished version would be released this month, although this seems unlikely now. The RT2000 Mega Pack includes over 600 new realtime 2D and 3D effects and support for capture direct to MPEG-2 IBP for DVD encoding, Windows Me, hot-swapping of DV cameras, four-channel DV audio, DVCPRO. Also included is a file converter for distribution of materials over the Web, servers and networks – and a video player for full-frame rate playback of Matrox audio/video files.