US-based digital design firm, Rokkan recently created and launched the US version of the latest Bad Boy Entertainment Web site that features the label's full line-up of hip hop and pop artists.

The client -- Bad Boy, and its founder Sean 'Diddy' Combs -- required a site with a bold presence that could draw in fans, keeping them up to date with information that is all Bad Boy, all the time.

Rokkan's New York-based CEO John Noe commented on the execution, "This project stretches our boundaries as a branding and digital firm in that we created a site that not only showcases core content, but encompasses a way of life. Bad Boy's image is already well established, and we were careful to maintain it. That being said, we pushed to create a site that was brushed with nuances of Bad Boy's company messaging while respecting the end users experience."

The site is dripping with information on artist breakdowns, tour dates, the latest news updates, videos, and interviews. Another key component is a history of the label and how they emerged into the hip hop and pop scene. The site isn't just for music fans; it's a lifestyle site that also showcases urban apparel and Bad Boy's plan to extend its clothing lines, saturating the market today. Past and present ventures of the brand are highlighted, including its dining and nightlife reach, and the company's philanthropic effort to give back to the community from whence it sprung.

"The new design of the Bad Boy site blends sleek and modern lines with an organized and structured display of content," says Rokkan ECD Charles Bae. "The site serves as a premier online destination for hip hop enthusiasts and required a look and feel that emulated the iconic brand while giving users a highly functional and utilitarian experience. The site should be easy, quick and responsive.

"Flash elements allow the user to browse the wide range of artists, view video and get access to more in depth content. The overall design and experience of the site is built to promote the artist and the brand without excessive design clutter or distraction. A clean monochromatic palette, bright blue highlights and angled lines frame the site's content in this highly functional and scalable Web site."

"The content rich site was close to being finished but was running a little slowly with all the media," says Rokkan lead developer Russel Savage. "I was worried it was going to take a huge amount of resources to bring it up to the speed that would satisfy clients and users alike. Luckily, caching of the site's data was the trick in making this site a truly great user experience.

"Once we put a Zend site engine in place to handle the caching in key bottleneck areas, the speed improved greatly. At the end of the job, the Project Manager/Tech Guru at Atlantic (Records) asked me how we made the site so darn fast, as you can definitely notice the difference between the Bad Boy site and Atlantic's own site that uses the same technology. I explained our solution strategy to her and how we implemented the code... she seemed very impressed by our efforts and simplicity of the execution."