ROK Entertainment Group -- the UK-based mobile technologies, applications and entertainment development company -- has announced that it has acquired a 51 per cent controlling interest in laptop manufacturer Rock.

In a statement, the companies said that the companies will "share expertise in IPTV, place shifting, mobile internet and mobile entertainment platforms".

Laurence Alexander, CEO of ROK said, "full-scale convergence of the notebook and mobile technologies - and how we use them both - has already begun. Three years ago, virtually no-one browsed the web on their mobile or received and sent emails. In three years time, people will be using their mobile in very similar ways to how they are using their laptops at present. It's all about technological convergence of the mobile with the internet to deliver 'constant connectivity'."

Nick Boardman, CEO of Rock, says "Rock’s customer base consists largely of early adopters, and make the ideal target for ROK’s products and services. We will work extremely closely to bring some exciting technology to the market".