Like prime-time game shows, digital camera pixels continue to proliferate. The latest examples of the megapixel trend come from Ricoh, which this week announced two digicams promising high resolution. Ricoh's RDC-6000 is aimed at consumers, while the RDC-7 is designed for professionals and others who want more multimedia functions. Ricoh will announce pricing upon release this summer of the Windows- and Mac OS-compatible digicams. The RDC-6000 has a 2.14-megapixel CCD that lets you capture still shots in resolutions ranging from 640-x-480 pixels to 1,600-x-1,200 pixels. Interpolation, the process of inserting "synthetic" pixels between existing ones, boosts the camera's resolution up to 2,000-x-1,500 pixels, according to the company. The camera stores pictures as JPEGs on SmartMedia cards (an 8MB card is included). The RDC-6000 has a simplified, large dial control for selecting camera modes. Like many recent megapixel cameras, the device also captures motion video at resolutions of 320-x-240- or 176-x-144-pixel resolutions in JPEG AVI file format. You can capture up to two hours of video and store it on an optional 64MB SmartMedia card, according to a Ricoh spokesperson. The camera also comes with serial and Universal Serial Bus port connectors, 4X digital zoom, five-mode flash (including red-eye reduction), 1.8-inch color LCD, optical viewfinder, video out, white balance adjustments, and other customizable settings. Ricoh's RDC-7 is designed for professionals and shutterbugs who want high resolution and multimedia features in a highly portable camera, company representatives say. The 3.34-megapixel CCD captures JPEG or uncompressed TIFFs in resolutions up to 2,048-x-1,536 pixels. With interpolation, the RDC-7 becomes a 7-megapixel camera. Top image resolution is said to be 3,072-x-2,304 pixels. As with the RDC-6000, Cecil DeMille wannabes can capture full-motion video with the RDC-7. You can also add audio annotations (as WAV files) to still images. Ricoh claims the camera also lets you scan printed documents as B&W TIFFs. Other features include 3X optical zoom, serial and USB port connections, and the ability to store images in the camera's 8MB of internal memory or on SmartMedia cards (an 8MB card is included). Most notable is the RDC-7's styling. The slim, pocket-size device features a pivoting 2-inch color LCD for maximum viewing flexibility. The camera has an optical viewfinder as well.