Rhinofx recently completed the VFX work for The Weinstein Company's highly-touted feature, The Reader, starring Ray Fiennes and Kate Winslet. The film tells a complex story of post-WWII Germany, with the secrets and mysteries of the Nazi-era unraveling across four decades.

Rhinofx was enlisted to do extensive effects work on the film, delivering the realistic feel of the changing backdrop of the country and the destruction still evident throughout the region. The historic drama is the product of Academy Award-nominated director Stephen Daldry, known for the acclaimed work on both Billy Elliot and The Hours. The film opened in the UK on January 2.

Weinstein and Daldry recruited Rhino to help rebuild the devastation that plagued Germany in the 1950s. VFX Supervisor Jim Rider explains, "Stephen wanted to make every detail and setting as realistic as possible. Because Germany has evolved so much since 1955, we were called in to recreate the country and time, and really enhance the sense of accuracy and authenticity. It was definitely a challenge, but the results add another layer of depth and credibility to the storyline."

The footage, shot on location in Germany, was modified to reflect the postwar restoration period. Transforming and deconstructing the modern landscape, the Rhinofx team used effects work to bomb out and board up buildings, blow holes in roofs, and leave ruins reminiscent of the war-torn country.

Rhinofx has broadened their ability to deliver full-service VFX for a wide range of feature types. Camille Geier, Rhino's COO adds, "We've really established a unique position in New York, and across other major markets by taking both character-driven and effects-driven features that entail very technical execution. Because of our studio's talent and in-house resources, we are able to deliver the entire spectrum of CG and 3D visual solutions, as well as the overall finishing that truly enhances the quality of any film."

Working out of their Connecticut film studio, Rhinofx has recently contributed their efforts to Dimension Films' Soul Men, as well as David Keopp's Ghost Town for Dreamworks. In addition, Rhino is currently finishing work on I Love You Philip Morris, a dark comedy starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, which is set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January as part of the Premieres category.