R/GA has created a new global campaign for Nokia, The Urbanista Diaries, to promote the recently launched Nokia N82. It features a 5-megapixel camera and integrated GPS.

The Urbanista Diaries is an extensive three-phase campaign that engages bloggers, journalists, and everyday people in ways that highlight the benefits of the Nokia N82. While the technology for this project is currently in beta, Nokia is partnering with several top media sites such as Wallpaper, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and CNN to document major world events in real time. Reporters are given a Nokia N82 to snap photos, which easily get uploaded to the Internet and positioned on a stylized map—thus allowing people to follow their stories around the world.

Some examples of the partnership include: CNN is providing one of its award-winning international journalists with a Nokia N82 so its audience can see where he’s chasing stories and track him in real time. This can be seen at inthefield.blogs.cnn.com. And Wallpaper armed fashion experts in London, Paris, and Milan with a Nokia N82 to give its audiences a front-row view of each city’s Fashion Week for its coverage of the event.

Nathan Cooper, executive creative director at R/GA London, added, "It’s fantastic that we could leverage the technology that’s available on products like the Nokia N82 and create such a fresh and innovative experience."

The campaign began earlier this year with four influential bloggers who travelled around the world in a global relay using the Nokia N82 to document their trip. The journey started in New York and ended in London, with 22 stops that included Washington DC, Las Vegas, Bangkok, Singapore, Mumbai, Goa, Berlin, and Paris. Consumers can find the entire journey documented at www.nseries.com/urbanistadiaries.

R/GA is Nokia’s lead global digital agency for the Nokia Nseries line of devices, and has been working for the brand for three years.