The next – and hopefully last – incarnation of the Friday the 13th movie franchise will be the first Hollywood movie to be entirely digitally produced. Appropriately released on Friday April 13 2001 in the US, Jason X places the hockey-masked serial killer in a spaceship – reawoken after many years in cryogenic suspension by some blond and pouting idiots that will get turned into prime fillet as the movie progresses. It is expected that the movie will play for Scream-style knowing laughs in a similar way to last year’s Halloween H20. The movie has been captured on high-end digital video cameras and has been edited and composited without using film at all. Whether it makes it to cinemas digitally will depend upon how digital projectors, which are currently highly expensive, in the next six months. Jason X beats Star Wars Episode II to the digital crown. George Lucas announced in the spring that he would be filming the second Star Wars movie entirely digitally.