Softimage has announced an agreement with Criterion Software to deliver an integrated game development solution.

Under this agreement, game developers using Criterion’s RenderWare solutions now have access to a suite of plug-ins and import/export tools for integrating 3D content created in Softimage|XSI.

Gareth Morgan, senior product manager for Softimage said: “With tight interoperability between Softimage|XSI and RenderWare, artists and developers using RenderWare middleware solutions can now benefit from the distinct design features found only in Softimage|XSI, such as high-performance subdivision surface modelling, truly programmable real-time shaders, and advanced character rigging and animation tools.”

RenderWare is a suite of game development solutions that offers an array of multi-platform, real-time production capabilities to generate characters, objects and environments that support graphics created with independent 3D animation software.