McGarry Bowen’s viral campaign for Reebok, complete with a celebrity cameo from Thierry Henry, looks remarkably cinematic for a spot destined for the Internet. That’s because it was beautifully directed by Park Pictures’ Jake Schreier, filmed using the much-vaulted Red Camera and posted by Absolute NY.

The spot starts with Thierry Henry precisely marking a white box on a road. We then see snapshots of other people outlining similar boxes in a variety of situations. It soon becomes apparent that these boxes have been created to showcase some amazing grassroots sports skills, spanning everything from skipping to juggling.

The commercial draws to a close as Thierry Henry leaves his box (after showing us some extremely fancy footwork) signalling that it’s free for the next person. A title fades up encouraging us to show Reebok our very own moves.

The shoot was filmed using the new Red Camera which is currently garnering a lot of interest due to its capacity to record digitally but produce filmic results. Absolute’s VFX team was supplied the DPX files which were exported straight from the camera.

Despite being Absolute’s first time of tackling the Red Camera, the entire post production process went extremely smoothly and they were able to pull and conform the files without issue. Absolute was also responsible for a split-screen comps, clean-up and title animation.