Red Dwarf ARG created to promote new series

To promote a set of new episodes of cult sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf that premieres over the Easter weekend on the Dave channel, Red Bee Media has created an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) to intrigue fans.

The ARG focusses on a treasure hunt for clues and hidden links across multiple websites that will slowly reveal exclusive content. The game kicks off from an online postcard from the last human in the universe, Dave Lister at, explaining that there’s been a last minute problem, caused by mixing curry with the communication system. This has lead to the crew becoming separated and forced to communicate through the website of an unsuspecting astronomer called Dr Bob Giles.

The first site leads to Giles' site at -- and from there players will work their away across the Internet solving puzzles and gradually absorbing the story. Players will view the crew’s communications with each other -- including a ‘holo-message’ from Kryten -- and will also use the 'Cat Nav' to reveal the location of the crew’s long-awaited re-union via a satellite location puzzle using Google Earth.

The site was created by Red Bee Media for UKTV, owners of the Dave channel, to promote a three part mini-series called Red Dwarf -- Back To Earth.

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