Red Bee Media has created a new brand identity for BBC Three, positioning the channel as a multiplatform entertainment hub for the young.

The new look BBC Three, which will be revealed on the 22 January, introduces a unique and vibrant world of places and characters alongside a new logo, colour palette and graphic system. The brand has been created to give a seamless experience across TV, internet and mobile platforms.

Red Bee Media whas worked on the project since June 2007. Other agencies involved in the relaunch include MPG and Agency Republic. Nexus Productions produced and animated all six idents, six stings, and three promo openers, as well as supplying additional web design.

Charlie Mawer, Executive Creative Director at Red Bee Media said: “This is a rebrand which has multi-platform at its heart, not as an add on. The challenge we felt for the rebrand of BBC Three, was to make it feel a more populated and alive place. To reflect that it is a world buzzing with new talent and offering genuine viewer interaction beyond the programmes. Youth brands today live or die by their openness to the creativity of their users or viewers”.

Carolina Melis, who directed the work at Nexus Productions said: “Overall I wanted the films to contain an energy and excitement but also to offer something quite delicate, even beautiful, an exotic, unusual world where the surreally comic could mix with the dramatic, somewhere where anything could happen, somewhere with a tangible sense of possibility and potential.”