RealViz has launched StoryViz 2, which expands the pre-visualization application aimed at film-makers and visual-effects supervisors. The software allows both 3D storyboards and complex mock-ups of effects shots to be created in real-time.

StoryViz 2 features many new tools and functions that improve its workflow, according to RealViz. Support for the FBX model interchange format has been added, as has the drag-&-drop import of OBJ and GBX. Tracked camera data and image planes can be brought in from MatchMover Pro, as can 3D envirnoments from RealViz's new VTour virtual tour creation software.

The upgrade allows users to define customized characters with a predefined skeleton in Maya or 3DS Max. There's full visual control and editing of cameras, lights, and object trajectories in 3D, according to RealViz.

Also new is support for animated textures, a measuring tool in 3D, and rotation and translation constraints for objects, actors, lights and cameras.

StoryViz runs under Windows 2000/XP and costs €990 (around £675).