RealViz will launch MatchMover 2.5 Professional at the Siggraph 2002 show held in San Antonio, Texas next week, according to the company. The latest version of its tracking software offers automatic and manual tracking of 3D camera data and motion from video and film sequences. According to RealViz, significant improvements and extensions have been made throughout the new release – notably in user-friendliness, engine automation and accuracy, as well as improved user control and workflow integration. The enhanced feature set of MatchMover 2.5 Professional includes: - a matte drawing tool that allows users to specify areas for exclusion from the tracking process - automatic tracker that now works with colour information for more accurate results when working with low contrast, or motion-blurred footage - Refined filtering parameters including track count per frame, and track minimum lifespan - automatically merged instances of the same tracked feature - new camera constraints such as pan, dolly so users can work with known information about camera motion - support for anamorphic lenses - new 3D points can be added without the need to repeat calibration process - new export formats support that include: Discreet Flint/Flame/ Inferno & Nothing Real Shake and RZML format so users can export data into RealViz ImageModeler for the creation of photo-real, textured 3D models A free up-grade to version 2.5 is available on all purchases of RealViz MatchMover Professional from July 19, 2002 until the product ships in September 2002. A Linux version of MatchMover Professional is also slated for release in January 2003. MatchMover 2.5 Professional is available for Windows NT/2000 for $4,999 (around £3,330). Current owners of MatchMover 2.0 Professional can upgrade to version 2.5 at a promotional price of $899 (around £599) until September 25, 2002 – normal price $1,349 (around £899). Existing MatchMover users (any version) can trade-up to MatchMover 2.5 Professional at a promotional price of $3,699 (around £2,466) until December 13, 2002.