High-end image manipulation software developer RealViz has released its first product for the Mac, Stitcher 3.0 – which is also available as an upgrade for Windows users. Stitcher is a tool for creating panoramic images and was previously available for Windows NT and 2000. RealViz is also in the process of moving the rest of its product line to the Mac from Windows and IRIX. Stitcher 3.0 currently runs under Mac OS 9, although an OS X version is in beta. Sticher 3.0 adds support for file export to QuickTime 5.0 and Director 8.5 (in Windows only). According to RealViz it also includes a sleeker engine design, a new interface and improved memory management. Stitcher 3.0 costs $800, although users that buy it before the end of August can obtain it for $495.