RealViz has launched Stitcher 3.1 for Mac OS X - an update to its panorama building software. Aimed at photographers, Web designers, architects, 3D artists, and post-production workers, it creates high-resolution panoramas. The company says users can load in overlapping photos to produce wide-angle, high-quality images for use on the Web, as definition mattes, environment maps, image sequences, and as part of 3D scenes. Stitcher can build a panoramic environment up to 360-x-180 degrees, and the company says users can create virtual environments with off-the-shelf photographic equipment. Panoramas can be aligned, colour blended, and de-blurred, then rendered to planar, cylindrical, cubical, or spherical output. Multi-row pictures can be exported to QuickTime 5, Java, and Web 3D formats. Pricing is $199 (around £145) for upgrades from version 1.5 or earlier, and is a free upgrade for 3.0 users. The full version costs $495 (£350). It is shipping now for both Mac and Windows.