French 3D developer RealViz has announced two bundles aimed at professional effects artists and multimedia developers. SFX Studio is aimed at the former, while Interactive Studio is for the latter. SFX Studio includes ImageModeler 3, Stitcher 3.1, MatchMover 2 Professional and ReTimer 2. ImageModeler allows users to create realistic 3D models from photographs. Stitcher allows high-resolution panoramas to be created from stitched or tiled images. MatchMover Professional allows 2D and 3D objects to be combined with automatic camera tracking. ReTimer allows video to be slowed down or sped up without obvious interpolation. Interactive Studio bundles ImageModeler 3 and Stitcher 3.1 with SceneWeaver. This turns 2D or panoramic photos into Web 3D environments (in VRML SFX Studio costs 11,110 euros (around £6,800), while Interactive Studio costs 1,666 euros (around £1,020).