RealViz has announced the release of Stitcher 3.1, its panoramic imaging software. The latest version sees improvements in workflow and output along with user-interface enhancements such as thumbnail rotation and faster panorama rendering High-quality image output is now possible with 16-bits per colour channel support, as is batch rendering for processing multiple projects. Templates automate the process of stitching and rendering, and new panorama conversion features allow for the retouching of rendered images. RealViz has also made QuickTime export improvements in previews, custom navigation and output to QuickTime VR “In the past year, we have seen customers use RealViz Stitcher for everything from building a high-resolution panoramic landscape for feature film as did UK-effects powerhouse Double Negative for 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' to building virtual tours on the Internet for both entertainment and real-estate websites. This new version offers improvements that our engineers have implemented as a direct response to requests from the large numbers of professional photographers that have embraced Stitcher,” commented Dominique Pouliquen, president & CEO, RealViz. The update is free to users of version 3.0 and can be downloaded from the RealViz Web site. Stitcher costs £425 plus VAT.