RealViz has announced that StoryViz, a new application for interactive 3D previsualisation and pre-edit, will be unveiled at Siggraph 2004 in Los Angeles next week.

According to RealViz, StoryViz is an all-new application making the link between storyboards and actual film production, by simulating the shooting phase and by pre-editing the final shots, all in real time 3D.

The software is the result of development efforts at the Duran Duboi Studios in Paris, has already been used on a number of movies and is now to make its commercial release.

StoryViz makes it possible to plan, in real time, each individual film scene. With a rendering engine and a set of non-linear editing tools, StoryViz can then animate all the components which constitute each film scene, according to RealViz.

RealViz claims that StoryViz enables users to create or import 3D scenes; define and animate the actors and props; define, locate and animate cameras and lights; edit and compose sequences; and preview the sequence in real time.

StoryViz can then generate a composited sequence, video rushes or export the data to Maya or 3ds max for further rendering. Finally it will create html pages with accompanying text for the storyboard

Shipping and pricing details will be announced at IBC in September and StoryViz 1.0 will be available for Windows 2000/XP only.