RealViz has launched CoolViz, which it claims is a state-of-the-art viewer that lets PDA viewers display high-quality images, panoramas and virtual tours. The company says the CoolViz viewer allows easy and cost-effective viewing of interactive, rich-media content. The company is touting CoolViz's unqiue, dual viewing properties - with CoolViz able to display both standard images and panoramas up to 360-degrees. The company says it is ideal for content makers looking to create virtual tours for the handheld market. Image formats supported include JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG, TGA, and BMP. A browse facility features, says RealViz, enabling users to browse and zoom with ease. A automatic fit-to-screen feature maps larger images to tiny PDA screens, says the company, and a "dual-filter" graphic engine provides antialiasing. Shipping now for Compaq iPaq and the Casio Cassiopeia, with costs $12.95.