French 3D tool developer RealViz has announced version 3 of its high-end tool for creating 3D models from 2D photographs. ImageModeler 3 adds measurement and modelling tools, plus better exchange with other RealViz packages and more output formats. The measurement tools make creating accurate models easier, as it allows the inputting and extrapolation of site data. New modelling tools allow the re-creation of more complex geometry, according to RealViz. Tools include extrude, path extrude, bevel, split polygon, mirror merge and snap. RealViz has added a completely new calibration engine, which the company claims makes the recreation process faster and more accurate. The models can be exported using the new RZML format for exchanging information between RealViz applications, or in formats such as Maya, Softimage, 3ds Max, Lightwave, Wavefront (obj), DXF, STL or ShockWave3D. Other new features include automatic texturing from photographs, which RealViz states makes model creation much faster than before, and a world space tool. This allows definition of the co-ordinate system to be interactive. The unwrap texture command creates a single texture for the entire object (or for a group of polygons). ImageModeler 3 also adds an interactive transparency control that’s designed to make comparison to the original photograph easier. ImageModeler 3 costs 1,999 euros. Owners of previous versions can upgrade for 600 euros. It’s currently shipping for Windows NT and 2000. A Mac OS X version is due in early summer 2002.