RealNetworks has released new versions of its Internet media software in an integrated suite that it hopes will keep it one step ahead of its fast-gaining rival Microsoft. Real Entertainment Center consists of three products — RealPlayer 8, RealJukebox 2, and RealDownload and is available in one download package from The new releases promise to share more features across the different programs – for example, giving users of either program access to the same personalized list of Internet radio broadcasts. Enhancements in the new versions of the player and the jukebox include an easier-to-navigate Web-like interface for RealJukebox, a radio tuner that provides instant access to online radio stations, and support for nearly 40 streaming and downloadable formats including Microsoft’s Windows Media. Other improvements include better search and alert functions, a greater number of animated special effects, and more tools to manage audio and video files. Real has also improved its software for streaming media music and video broadcast over the Internet – considerably cutting the time needed to download files. RealDownload allows users who lose their Internet connection in mid-transmission to reconnect and pick up where they left off, rather than having to start the download again from the beginning. Real is also working hard to improve the quality of streaming media video files to make them clearer and less blocky.